Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Battery and Boot Cleanup

Time for a new battery.

It's a chance to take the spare wheel out - something I have never done before - along with all the tool kit bits and pieces Porsche gave you in 1997 to help change it.

It's nicely packed in the wheel cavity:

Carpet out to reveal the tools

Toolkit has some of the parts you need - but I have my doubts as to whether they would be sufficient to change the tyre on the side of the road. Toolkit, compressor that plugs into lighter socket to inflate tyre, plastic ground sheet and plastic bag containing plastic gloves. Nice to have the complete set.

Great opportunity to clear all the dust out from the boot once everything's removed

With the battery out, you have a great opportunity to get up close to all of the weird brown factory sealant that Porsche seemingly haphazardly painted everywhere. I think it really adds to that hand-built feel of the 993. Despite appearances, this is exactly how it should look. Here are a few shots of the sealant up close. Smooth and perfect = worry about your cars past. Messy and bodged looking = don't worry.

Good opportunity to look inspect one of the factory stickers that should be present under the front wing. Paint code sticker should look like this:

I opted for a Bosch S5 battery to replace the Varta one that was in there. Remember to reconnect the breather tube. Here it is all put back together....

Finally - boot carpet back in place. complete with saggy front pocket