Friday, August 17, 2012



Car delivered new in 1997 by Isaac Agnew in Belfast. Isaac Agnew is the only Official Porsche Centre in N Ireland I believe.

Car then bought back by Isaac Agnew who carried out a service and sold the car to another Irishman – I have spoken to him and have his contact details. He sent me the original Isaac Agnew advert which I’ve posted on the blog.

Car then sold to Mr C in Isle of Mann. I spoke to him before I bought the car and still have his contact details

Car came onto British Mainland and bought by Mr R. in Cheshire and car was looked after by Tony Greatorex.

I bought car in April 2010 and has been maintained by Pete at Langley Autocraft.
So I am the fifth owner. The mainland V5 states that the car has had 2 previous owners, but it is incorrect. It’s often the case that the V5 is wrong on cars that have come in from Northern Ireland.

Service History - starting with most recent:

77,042 miles 3rd October 2012 - Langley Autocraft

  • Service, oil, filters
  • Front Discs (Pagid)
  • Front Pads (Pagid)
75,947 miles 18th August 2011 – Langley Autocraft:

  • Interim service including oil, filters replacement of number plate bulb
71,152 miles 31st March 2010 – Tony Greatorex:

  • Full service including replacement of lower cam covers, gaskets and bolts
63,940 miles 9th December 2008 – Tony Greatorex:

  • Full 48k service including plug change
  • Brake fluid replacement
  • New brake pad wear sensors
  • New engine cover struts
59,236 miles 25th September 2007 – South Coast Performance – Isle of Mann

  • Full Service
  • Front discs
  • Front pads
  • Rear discs
  • Rear Pads

52,771 miles 18th September 2006 – South Coast Performance – Isle of Mann

  • Full Service
  • New clutch
  • Replacement of all front wishbone bushes with poly bushes
  • New catalyst heatshield
  • New window switch
  • New steering rack ball joints
  • New steering rack boots
  • New pollen filters
  • New clutch bearing arm bushes
44,530 miles – 23rd August 2005 – OPC Liverpool

  • Full Service
36,878 miles 27th August 2004 – OPC Lancaster

  • Full Service
30,566 miles 11th September 2003 – OPC Lancaster

  • Full Service
24,990 miles 17th October 2002 Isaac Agnew Porsche, Ireland

  • Full Service and Sale Preparation
20,558 miles 3rd December 2001 Isaac Agnew Porsche, Ireland

  • Full Service
16,858 miles 24th February 2001 Isaac Agnew Porsche, Ireland

  • Full Service and Sale Preparation