Wednesday, December 19, 2012

HID Lights

I like to use my 993 throughout the winter months, however the standard headlights are not very good and fail to light the road ahead effectively. Generally speaking, I do not like to make alterations to the car that cannot be totally reversed and as such I’ve always avoided going down the HID (High Intensity Discharge) route for the headlights.

Although they provide much more effective illumination, up to now the kits for installing the HID’s have included a ballast resistor that required drilling through the headlight unit. This never appealed to me.
Now, Tore B has produced a kit that fits entirely within the existing housing. As a result, returning the headlights to standard is literally as simple as replacing a bulb.

No affiliation to Tore B – I just think his kits are brilliant. Here’s a link to his web site FYI

Because I have the turbo ‘s’ front ducts, the LED lights included in the kit do not fit. I have ordered some 39mm festoon LED bulbs which I will install.

This is how the kit arrives. Nicely packaged.

Here’s how it installs.

1.      Remove headlight assembly and unclip back to allow access to the bulb clip.
2.      Remove existing bulb and replace with HID bulb
3.      Screw ballast to existing mounting holes on inside of back cover
4.      Plug light in
5.      Replace cover and re install in car

Makes a huge difference, although hard to photograph in light conditions.

Existing Lights are dim and yellow

Removing parts gives an OCDer a great opportunity to polish...

39mm festoon bulbs in the 'S' ducts will be replaced by LED's They are so yellow compared to the new HID's

Nice bright white light for driving at night....

Friday, August 17, 2012



Car delivered new in 1997 by Isaac Agnew in Belfast. Isaac Agnew is the only Official Porsche Centre in N Ireland I believe.

Car then bought back by Isaac Agnew who carried out a service and sold the car to another Irishman – I have spoken to him and have his contact details. He sent me the original Isaac Agnew advert which I’ve posted on the blog.

Car then sold to Mr C in Isle of Mann. I spoke to him before I bought the car and still have his contact details

Car came onto British Mainland and bought by Mr R. in Cheshire and car was looked after by Tony Greatorex.

I bought car in April 2010 and has been maintained by Pete at Langley Autocraft.
So I am the fifth owner. The mainland V5 states that the car has had 2 previous owners, but it is incorrect. It’s often the case that the V5 is wrong on cars that have come in from Northern Ireland.

Service History - starting with most recent:

77,042 miles 3rd October 2012 - Langley Autocraft

  • Service, oil, filters
  • Front Discs (Pagid)
  • Front Pads (Pagid)
75,947 miles 18th August 2011 – Langley Autocraft:

  • Interim service including oil, filters replacement of number plate bulb
71,152 miles 31st March 2010 – Tony Greatorex:

  • Full service including replacement of lower cam covers, gaskets and bolts
63,940 miles 9th December 2008 – Tony Greatorex:

  • Full 48k service including plug change
  • Brake fluid replacement
  • New brake pad wear sensors
  • New engine cover struts
59,236 miles 25th September 2007 – South Coast Performance – Isle of Mann

  • Full Service
  • Front discs
  • Front pads
  • Rear discs
  • Rear Pads

52,771 miles 18th September 2006 – South Coast Performance – Isle of Mann

  • Full Service
  • New clutch
  • Replacement of all front wishbone bushes with poly bushes
  • New catalyst heatshield
  • New window switch
  • New steering rack ball joints
  • New steering rack boots
  • New pollen filters
  • New clutch bearing arm bushes
44,530 miles – 23rd August 2005 – OPC Liverpool

  • Full Service
36,878 miles 27th August 2004 – OPC Lancaster

  • Full Service
30,566 miles 11th September 2003 – OPC Lancaster

  • Full Service
24,990 miles 17th October 2002 Isaac Agnew Porsche, Ireland

  • Full Service and Sale Preparation
20,558 miles 3rd December 2001 Isaac Agnew Porsche, Ireland

  • Full Service
16,858 miles 24th February 2001 Isaac Agnew Porsche, Ireland

  • Full Service and Sale Preparation

Monday, June 18, 2012

Pro Shoot

I was involved in a photo book publication with a photographer looking to collate a publication of 911's through the ages.

His name is John Rampton and he takes superb photos

Some beautiful shots of the car - especially the motion pictures.

Had a fun day out at an airfield in Surrey, where they happened to be shooting the Ron Howard film 'Rush' about the Hunt / Lauda rivalry. Some fantastic cars there and we saw one of the 'grid start' shots where these beauties raced off the line. Epic noise. Photos taken with my iphone so not the best...

Window / Door Frame Refurb

The black window / door frame surrounds are another 993 weak point. Id go so far as to say most cars that have not had this attended to will have issues by now.

The frame surround is some kind of anodised metal, and is prone to blistering, cracking and general corrosion. I don't think it's a problem, it just doesn't look pretty so I have had both doors stripped and refurbished by Pete at Langley Autocraft (who also did my windscreen surround a few months ago)

Blistered inside of door frame on passenger side

Paint peeling from top of passenger door

Extreme close up of drivers side door (hardly any corrosion on this side, but in for a penny etc etc.....)

The door is stripped, the frames removed, blasted then repainted and reassembled. As usual from Pete, a superb finish.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Trickle Charger

Now the new battery is in, I wanted to find a trickle charger that would keep it topped up. I use it so infrequently that even the tiny drain that the alarm places on the battery results in the very real risk that it will be dead when i want to use it.

I don't have any access to power, so the only option is to use a solar powered trickle charger. These sit on the dash and send a tiny electrical current back via the cigar lighter to the battery.

I bought it without considering the fact that the cigar lighter would need to be permanant rather than ignition switched live. So in factory guise, there's no way of making the trickle charger perform. I found a workaround.

Wire with 7.5A in-line fuse

I found a strip of wire with an in-line fuse, and cut the ends of. Then crimped a spade connector at each end.

Spade connector on each end

I pulled the cigar lighter fuse from the fuse box, then found a perm live feed from one of the empty DME relay sockets. The one I used is a perm live for a car with a tiptronic gearbox.

Then jsut use the in line fuse to bridge from the perm live DME output into the space left empty from the cigar lighter fuse = a perm live cigar lighter which is still fused just in case.....

Works Perfectly.....