Monday, June 18, 2012

Pro Shoot

I was involved in a photo book publication with a photographer looking to collate a publication of 911's through the ages.

His name is John Rampton and he takes superb photos

Some beautiful shots of the car - especially the motion pictures.

Had a fun day out at an airfield in Surrey, where they happened to be shooting the Ron Howard film 'Rush' about the Hunt / Lauda rivalry. Some fantastic cars there and we saw one of the 'grid start' shots where these beauties raced off the line. Epic noise. Photos taken with my iphone so not the best...

Window / Door Frame Refurb

The black window / door frame surrounds are another 993 weak point. Id go so far as to say most cars that have not had this attended to will have issues by now.

The frame surround is some kind of anodised metal, and is prone to blistering, cracking and general corrosion. I don't think it's a problem, it just doesn't look pretty so I have had both doors stripped and refurbished by Pete at Langley Autocraft (who also did my windscreen surround a few months ago)

Blistered inside of door frame on passenger side

Paint peeling from top of passenger door

Extreme close up of drivers side door (hardly any corrosion on this side, but in for a penny etc etc.....)

The door is stripped, the frames removed, blasted then repainted and reassembled. As usual from Pete, a superb finish.