Wednesday, October 12, 2011


The C16 UK cars were fitted with Thatcham approved alarms / immobilisers by a company called Hamilton and Palmer. They supplied either the PA 1000 or PA 2000 alarm - I'm not sure what the difference is.
All 3 of my 993's have had the PA 1000. Hamilton & Palmer are extremely helpful when it comes to matters concerning the alarm and are a good place to start if you encounter any issues.

The original key fobs have a raised button and an indented button for lock / unlock along with a tiny red light that's activated when either of the buttons are pressed.

I have two spare fobs - both of which were supplied by Hamilton & Palmer. The new design is slightly smaller and has no light - however I still like to use the original despite the fact that it's starting to look a little tatty.

Additionally, all Hamilton & Palmer alarmed cars were originally supplied with a red 'Master Key' which allows you to program new fobs. It's common for cars to change hands without this red master, so it's a real bonus if you have one!

Keys for my 993

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