Wednesday, December 19, 2012

HID Lights

I like to use my 993 throughout the winter months, however the standard headlights are not very good and fail to light the road ahead effectively. Generally speaking, I do not like to make alterations to the car that cannot be totally reversed and as such I’ve always avoided going down the HID (High Intensity Discharge) route for the headlights.

Although they provide much more effective illumination, up to now the kits for installing the HID’s have included a ballast resistor that required drilling through the headlight unit. This never appealed to me.
Now, Tore B has produced a kit that fits entirely within the existing housing. As a result, returning the headlights to standard is literally as simple as replacing a bulb.

No affiliation to Tore B – I just think his kits are brilliant. Here’s a link to his web site FYI

Because I have the turbo ‘s’ front ducts, the LED lights included in the kit do not fit. I have ordered some 39mm festoon LED bulbs which I will install.

This is how the kit arrives. Nicely packaged.

Here’s how it installs.

1.      Remove headlight assembly and unclip back to allow access to the bulb clip.
2.      Remove existing bulb and replace with HID bulb
3.      Screw ballast to existing mounting holes on inside of back cover
4.      Plug light in
5.      Replace cover and re install in car

Makes a huge difference, although hard to photograph in light conditions.

Existing Lights are dim and yellow

Removing parts gives an OCDer a great opportunity to polish...

39mm festoon bulbs in the 'S' ducts will be replaced by LED's They are so yellow compared to the new HID's

Nice bright white light for driving at night....

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