Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Alu Dials and Steering Wheel

The white dial conversion is perhaps my favourite aesthetic change - albeit one that is more complicated to reverse...

The dials were initially black faced and as per the 'S' spec had the 'Carrera S' script at the bottom of the tacho.

If alu dials were specced from factory, the Carrera S script was lost which I think is a real shame.

However - from factory, the dials would come with the chrome inner bezel, sitting behind the glass which in my opinion makes the factory dials so special and I knew I would only have the faces changed if I could locate a set of the 5 inner chrome rings. They are notoriously difficult to come by.

I started at VDO - the instrument makers - but quickly hit a dead end. Ultimately after a lot of backwards and forwards with Porsche UK realised that I was only going to find a set via a breaker who would be willing to dismantle a set of dials that had the rings. After a lot of searching, (and a lot of money) I located a set in Los Angeles and had them shipped over. Amazing what OCD will drive me to...!

Once I had the rings, I took the dials over to Julian Reap in North London. Julian is the guy for refacing dials. In fact, when Porsche GB receive special colour requests one their new build cars - Julian is the guy that actually does the work.

I opted for the factory alu colour on the dials, however I had Julian template the Carrera S script so I could keep the unique tacho look that makes the S special.
Additionally, the factory alu dials were cut out over the warning lights. I have had them smoked, so that the dials look a single uniform colour, however the lights shine through the smoke effect with the same intensity as standard.

Good shot of the inner chrome rings and the Carrera S script on the tacho

Warning Lights are smoked, but just as intense when lit as standard

The other addition I've made is to the steering wheel. I've always liked the 3 spoke 996 wheel and thought the alu / leather wheel would bring a modern feel to the drive as well as compliment the new alu dials and gearnob. It makes a surprisingly big difference (to me) and was almost worth the extraordinary £1,500 Porsche charge for the wheel + airbag...!!

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