Monday, July 4, 2011


When I bought the car, I noticed that the original Technology wheels had been replaced with replicas. The car was specced from new with the 18 inch Turbo hollow spokes and I wanted to reinstate them as soon as possible.

The spokes are hollow and one of the simplest ways to determine whether the wheels are solid or hollow spoked is to feel the backs. The hollow spoke wheels are smooth - just like the fronts although they are flat rather than curvy. Solid spokes have two definite ridges on either side of each spoke and have a much thinner profile.

The part numbers 993.362.136.00 (front) and 993.362.140.00 (rear) are close to £4,000 new from Porsche which is a massive rip off, but I couldn't drive the car with the fakes on. The wheels suit the car so perfectly, these are some of my favourite views.

Front wheel 

Rear 3/4 - One of the best angles in my opinion


  1. How were you able to identify the replica 18" hollow spokes? What should I look for in order to determine if one of these wheels is the genuine article or a fake?

    1. Hi. Sorry I'm a year late to this...
      Sure you already know the answer, but just in case - here's how you know.
      Feel around the back of one of the spokes (any spoke will do). The back should be flat - just like the front. If it's ridged, it's a solid spoke. Smooth and flat = hollow spoke.
      Hope that helps!