Monday, July 4, 2011

Exhaust Tips

The later 993 cars with the varioram engine had square exhaust tips with rounded edges. These are commonly known as 'squovals'.

Squared off exhaust tips on the varioram models

These tips look nice, but I always had a hankering for the optional wide ovals which in my opinion fill the cut out in the bumper more fully and seem somehow more appropriate for the car.

There are a number of aftermarket providers of exhaust tips - more for the narrow body cars than the widebody's. My requirement was quite specific in that I am not a fan of the thick 'rolled' edge tips - an example below.

Thicker, rolled edge tips

There are plenty of aftermarket thin lipped options for the narrow body, however as far as I can tell (and I've looked very hard) there are no thin lipped versions available for the widebody, which meant I was forced to buy OEM parts from Porsche.

The problem with the OEM parts is that two tips cost a whopping £480!!!!!! It's insane money for two little bits of metal, but they're the only ones that look right as far as I'm concerned.
Part Numbers are 993.111.981.02 and 993.111.982.02

Here they are on the car. I am very happy with the look and think they're (almost) worth the money...

Lovely thin lipped exhaust tip for the widebody... Expensive, but worth it

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